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Find the right moving company to handle your relocation, from pickup to final unpacking.Not only do you get the best moving service with experienced movers, drivers, and customer service representatives but you will feel right at home at your new location in no time. You can trust us to manage your move to or from Baltimore, MD with ease and expertise, whether you are coming locally from the city or long-haul beyond Maryland. No other moving company can offer the same value and personal attention as we do. Baltimore Moving Companies Local Movers Apartment Movers MD
We have been moving our friends and neighbors throughout Baltimore, the DC Metro, and the State of Maryland for nearly two decades. Every moving client is important; every move has to get done right. We are fully insured, trained, and licensed for your peace of mind and safety. If you are looking for a moving company to get you to or from Baltimore, MD, look no further. Choose us for your next relocation!

Client Testimonials

  •  I found these guys online

    when looking for moving companies in Baltimore, MD and gave them a call one day regarding my move. I knew right away that they were going to do the job right. They brought the professionalism that I heard over the phone straight to my house and got my move done on time. It was a good experience and I recommend these movers.

  •  My search for moving companies

    in Baltimore MD dragged on for weeks until I stumbled onto here. I gave them a call and they were very helpful when it came to planning my move. Most importantly of all, there were no damages to anything, and the move was prompt. I got to my new place when I needed to, therefore I was satisfied!

  •  I was moving out of

    Baltimore MD, and was looking around for moving companies that could handle a big move. I ended up here and was told that no move was too big. They were right about that. They had everything necessary to move my 4 floor home across the country, and left me completely satisfied.

  •  I am the general manager

    of 2 offices in a building in Baltimore, MD which needed to be re-located to another building across the city. We chose these guys, and they really pulled through with the move. All of our equipment and appliances were properly packed, loaded, and unpacked at the new offices. We were very satisfied with the service!

  •  I got into a little

    argument with a roommate and needed to move ASAP. I didn not think it would be possible to move on such short notice. Luckily I came here and saw that they specialize in last minute moves. At the end of it, they got me situated into my new apartment when I really needed it. Thank you!

  •  My move went a lot

    smoother than I expected. The movers were very hard workers and did a good job. The furniture that needed disassembling and reassembling was absolutely no problem to move. They even got every unpacked where I wanted it at my new house. All I had to do was arrange it to my taste. Above all, none of my things were damage. Out of all the moving companies in Baltimore MD, I recommend this moving service!

    Baltimore Moving Companies Local Movers Apartment Movers MD

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    Baltimore Moving Company will be happy to provide your helpful information about Baltimore MD for easy & safe move:
    Post office:
    111 N Calvert St, Baltimore, MD 21202
    211 E Lombard St, Baltimore, MD 21202
    900 E Fayette St, 118, Baltimore, MD 21233
    1000 E Lexington St, Baltimore, MD 21202
    130 N Greene St, Baltimore, MD 21201

    301 Crain Hwy S, D, Baltimore, MD 21061
    210 E Lexington St, Baltimore, MD 21202
    32 South St, Baltimore, MD 21202
    150 N Calvert St, Baltimore, MD 21202
    300 E Lombard St, 1610, Baltimore, MD 21202
    211 E Lombard St, Ste 188, Baltimore, MD 21202
    102 E Fayette St, Baltimore, MD 21202


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